Galdrar úr Íslenskri galdrabók, textar og skýringar



Galdur fái maður aðsvif eða faraldur. Galdur til að stilla reiði, vekja ást og vináttu, eyða illum hug. Galdur gegn óvináttu og langsemi. Galdur til að hleypa bráðabrókarsótt í konur.

To win a girl’s love, while fasting, make the second helm of awe with your saliva in your right palm when you visit the girl whom you want to have.



To cause fear in an enemy. If you want your foe to be afraid of you whenever he sees you, then carve these staves on an oack branch and wear it in the middle of your breast–and see to it that you see him before he sees you.



Galdur gegn allrahanda skaða, mönnum og höfuðskepnum.

Against harm from an enemy. If anyone carries these staves on himself, nothing can harm him all day, and his enemies will not have any power over him.

This series of staves, whicb contain none that are obviously rune staves, nevertheless seem to be an expression of the system of the younger runes, since it contains the numerical formula 2 x 6 = 32.



Galdur gegn allrahanda skaða, mönnum og höfuðskepnum.

Against all kinds of suffering and danger. The person, man or woman, who carries these staves on himself will be stricken with no plague. And no sword can harm him, nor any of his enemies, and no worm will get into his food or drink.



Galdur sem lætur menn elska þig.

To win the love of a person, you should write this one and have it with you, and men will love you very much.


Árásargaldur. Galdur til að brjóta niður, vekja hræðslu eða hrylling.

To cause fear in your enemies. If you want your enemies to fear you, always carry this stave under your left arm.



Galdur gegn allrahanda skaða, mönnum og höfuðskepnum.

For protection against all kinds of evil. If you wish to elude something that is evil, then carry these staves with you so that nothing can harm you, no sword and no plague; nor any worm nor poison in your food or drink.




To cause fear. Carry these staves with you and your enemies will fear you.



Galdur sem beinist gegn líkama annars einstaklings sem á að æla mat sínum.

To play a joke on someone, so that he canot hold his food down the whole day long. Carve these staves into cheese or fish and have whoever you want to make fun of eat it, and whatever he eats that day will be of no use to him.

An antidote: If he does not get better by himself, then give him warm milk and bleached and dried albumin should be applied to his skin; this can also be done with livestock and it won’t hurt any.


Galdur til að geta hulið sig sjónum.

To hinder a person from coming into your house. If you don’t want a man to come into your dwelling, then carve this stave into rowan wood when the sun is in her highest stead, and go three times with the sun and three times widdershins around your farm and hold onto the wand of rowan wood onto which the stave has been carved, and onto some sharp thorn grass [thistle] and then lay both of them together up over your door.



Galdur til að drepa skepnu.

To kill another’s animal. One should inscribe these staves onto a leaf and cast it into the footprint of another’s horse; then the animal will die, if he has offended you without cause. Conceal the stave in the horse’s hoofprint.



Dreprun (killing rune: If you want your foe to lose his livestock and possessions, then lay this sign in the hoofprint of his horse.



Galdur til að svæfa mann.

To put someone to sleep. If you want to put someone to sleep, then carve these staves in alder wood and lay it under his head and he will surely sleep until you take it away.



To find out a thief. In case of theft you should carve these staves on the bottom of a dish of ashwood, put water in it and strew millefolium (yarrow) into the water and say: “This I ask according to the nature of the herb and great might of the staves, that the shade of the one who has taken it appear in the water, and that the name of this person be carved on fish gill with etin’s bewilderments, and carry these on your self and say: Odhinn, Loki, Frò, Bladur, Njordhr, Tyr, Birgur, Hoenir, Freyja, Gefjon, Gusta, and all those gods and goddesses who dwell and have dwelt in Valholl from the beinings of heaven, and they must help me so that I will have success in this matter.




To bewitch a womand and win her love. If you want to bewitch a woman so she will come to no one except you, make a hole in the floor in a place where she will go over it, and pour in some etin-spear (snake) blood and draw a ring of water around it, as well as her name and these staves. Then read this: I look upon you and you give me the lust and love of your heart. You cannot sit, you cannot be at home, unless you love me. This I bid of Odhinn and of all those who can read women runes [kvennrunar-formula to win the love of women], that you will nowhere in the world be at home or thrive, unless you love me with all your heart. This you shall feel in your bones and in your flesh as if you burn all over. You will meet with ruin unless you love me, you shall freeze on your feet and you will never meet with honor or happiness. You will sit as if burning, with your hair rotting out, with your clothes torn, unless you will have me of your own free will.



Galdur sem veldur spýju.

To find a thief. Carve these on a man’s leg bone and then he will come and spit out whosever stole from you.



Galdur til að stilla alla reiði.

Against wrath. To still all kinds of wrath make this stave on your forehead with your left index finger, and say: It is the helm of awe that I bear between my eyes–wrath runs away, strife is stemmed.


Galdur til að afhjúpa þjóf.

To find out a thief. Make this stave with chalk on the cross-beam of the house from which the thing was stolen; then stick a copper pin in the right eye [of the stave] and say IN BUSKAN LUCANUS and FORTUM ATUM EST.




This sign is used by magicians to call out thieves and other witcheries.




Fart runes. Write these staves on white calfskin with your own blood. Take the blood from your thigh and say: I write you eight åss-runes, nine naudh-runes, thirteen thurs-runes–that will plague your belly with bad shit and gas, and all of these will plague your belly with great farting. May it loosen you from your place and burst your guts; may your farting never stop day or night. You will be as weak as the fiend Loki, who was bound by all the gods.